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The college is proud to have automated two floor library. The students and Staff have access to National Library and Information Service infrastructure of scholar content through INFLIBNET.

The library is open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on all working days. Any change in timings will be notified on the Library and college notice board. The library is operated on the "Open Stack" principle that permits direct access to the books. The books are classified according to the Dewy System and arranged in Decimal Classification System. A book once drawn from a shelf is to be replaced to its previous position. The college provides excellent Library and reading room facilities. The total number of volumes on the shelves exceeds 36000 with more than 108 periodicals. The library is essentially a place of quiet and serious study. Silence is to be maintained at all times inside and outside the library. A student can borrow three books at a time against the Identity-Cum-Library card. Post graduate students can borrow four books at a time. The books may be retained for a period of seven days, after which they must be returned. At the time of returning the books, the librarian may decide whether to re-issue the book or not. A fine of Re 1/- per volume, per day will be charged for the books kept over time. Leave from the college does not imply exemption from the return of book. The books may be returned to the Library through a messenger or by registered post. Student will keep their personal belongings at the property counter at their own risk. Students may however, take into the library, note books and essential stationery. Before leaving the library, students must ensure that they have returned all the reading material used by them. They are strictly forbidden to take away any book which is not issued to them. At the exit counter, books issued will be examined. BOOK BANK Text books will be issued every Tuesday and Friday from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm. The needy students have to deposit Rs. 100/- per Book as security. The library provided internet and photostat facility to the staff and students.


2nd Floor -* Archive Section (Record, Ancient and Rare Books 2500)


  • Book  Bank
  • Opac (E-Catalouge)
  • Inflibnet
  • Internet Free Browsing
  • Kindles
  • Printer & Photostat
  • Best User Award
  • Special Facility to Meritorious Students


  • Maintenance of Service Area
  • Student Participation Programme
  • Compact Storage of Less Used Collection
  • Library Book Exhibition
  • Book Talk
  • User Education ( Information Literacy Program)
  • Preparatory Course for Student ‘ Project And Assignments
  • Fresher’s Orientation ( Information Literacy Program)
  • Library Use Statistics
  • Library Best User Award & Meritorious Award
  • User Feedback Practice Through Different Forms
  • User Feedback Practice Through Suggestion Box
  • Internet Access Facility ( Broadband , INFLIBNET E-Journals)
  • Free Browsing

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