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Journal of research: THE BEDE ATHENAEUM

The Bede Athenaeum is an official publication of St. Bede's Educational Society, Shimla, India. This multidisciplinary international peer-reviewed journal aims at promoting and publishing new concepts, knowledge and ideas from the languages, arts, social sciences  applied sciences and education, thereby providing scholars a vibrant forum for sharing their research and perspectives with the academic fraternity from across India and abroad. 

The journal is published on an annual basis and its soft copy is uploaded by  within the month of March every year. The hard copy version is printed and posted to a mailing list of prominent academic institutions of higher learning within the month of April, following its being made accessible through web links allotted to each of the published research papers.

The journal is a peer-reviewed publication. Each paper submitted for consideration by the Editorial team is stringently reviewed by three anonymous referees. Interested authors of research papers should submit their manuscripts by October 31, after which the editors will initiate the process of peer reviewing by experts from the concerned academic fields. Each manuscript must include an abstract and be submitted in MS Word format. There is no submission fee for the research articles submitted to The Bede Athenaeum for prospective acceptance for review.



The aim of the journal is to encourage and maintain a high standard of independent research across all branches of academic study through strict editorial standards and faithful adherence to the comments, suggestions and criticism by the peer reviewers of each research paper. The final decision regarding publication of a paper once it has been reviewed and corrected/substantiated by the author lies with the Editorial and Advisory Boards. Every year, a broad theme is chosen for the edition, inviting research papers on different aspects of the theme.




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