St Bede's College Shimla St Bede's College Shimla


The Environment Cell of the college aims to sensitize, create awareness and educate students about the preservation and conservation of the environment. The college inculcates love and respect among students for nature. The college organises activities to create awareness about importance of protecting nature and environment. The students are motivated to keep their surroundings clean and green and to maintain the natural resources.


The environment cell actively looks into all matters related to nature the function of the members of the club is to sensitize, create awareness, motivate and educate  the students about environment conservation. The members of the club planted new trees in the campus in collaboration with the NSS students .The students also participated in environmental cleanliness drive in the college. The members of the club went for a march to the place Navbahar, close to the campus with placards to sensitize people on the importance of the conservation of nature. A photography competition on nature was organized by the club, the students took pictures of flora, fauna and animals as a part of this competition. 

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