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National Cadets Corps is a voluntary organization which is administered through the Ministry of Defence. The Defence Secretary is overall in charge, who is responsible to the Govt of India for efficient functioning of the  NCC and other matters. A NCC cadet by the very fact of being an active cadet has to shoulder extra responsibilities unlike his fellow classmates who are not members of NCC. His/her responsibilities are nowhere written but obligatory as an outcome of his training. Thus he or she fulfills the main aims of NCC i.e. becoming potential leader with character qualities and responsible citizen. He/She has separate responsibilities to his/her NCC unit, organisation, his/her institution, society at large and to the county. It includes active participation in social awareness initiatives, environmental issues, disaster relief, adventure and sports activities and other nation building efforts. It doesn't end with his/her NCC training at  institution, but has to be carried forward to where he/she is going to be engaged in the future too. Thus with passage of time, country would have had passed cadets occupying leadership positions in all walks of life adopting the noble values and objectives on NCC. At present  St. Bede’s College is having two units. One is 7 HP (I) Coy NCC, Shimla  where 27 cadets are  enrolled. It was established in July, 2020. The other unit is    1HP Naval unit NCC Bilaspur, 12 cadets are enrolled with this unit.  It was established in the year 2016.





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