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The aim of the Health Club is to create awareness among students for maintenance of good physical and mental health. Students are sensitized regarding health, nutrition and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. The objective of the Health Club is to make the students realize the importance of a healthy body; they are made aware of common diseases, their symptoms, diagnosis and cure. The vision of the Health Club is to create awareness among the students in particular and the community in general, regarding the importance of good health.


The Health Club of the college organized talks on health related topics. A talk on “Diagnosis of Breast Cancer “was organized, Dr. Fotedar was invited from Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla  (IGMC). He gave an informative presentation on the symptoms, detection and cure of this disease. “Zumba” Fitness session was organized, keeping in mind the physical fitness of the students. A local Zumba expert Vasundhara was invited; she spoke about the importance of physical activity and demonstrated “Zumba” fitness activity to the students. Mrs Manpreet Singh from the NGO “ Kosish” gave a presentation to the students on the use of cotton sanitary napkins made without the use of plastic.She emphasized that these were much better for female health than the regular ones available in the market.


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