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A Home Away from Home

Dear Hosteller,

you will be happy to know what our St.Bede's Hostel is all about! There are some thoughts and experiences shared by our past pupil and parents. They feel there is nothing like St.Bede's Hostel. It is some thing that you appreciate and cherish for the rest of your life. The Sprawling Campus situated in lush green salubrious environment is heavenly. Of course it is a home away from home. Dear students you are amidst people of various types. You hail from different regions. You represent various traditions, cultures, talents etc. I would suggest that you recognize these differences. Respecting differences builds up a healthy union of minds and hearts. Feel proud to be part of this miniature world. You are aware that hostel life affords plenty of opportunities for growing, individually and collectively. During your stay in this hostel, I would expect you to learn to grow more loveable and capable. You must also realize that you are living with those who are to grow loveable and capable. Dear ones, every day pray to God for wisdom to imbibe the good qualities. Let us learn from each other the art of growing in happiness.

The hostel is a convenient place for study. The administration strives to provide an atmosphere for a positive personal growth. Together with hard work and sincerity, the hostellers can develop themselves into fully integrated persons. Many persons who have stayed here feel proud about their association with us. I wish and pray that you be one of them.

Besides learning from others, you are to realize that you can also serve as a role model to others. Some of the noble qualities in a cultured person are: remaining simple, humble, honest, open and truthful.. Hostel life provides plenty of occasions to grow in all these virtues. Be generous and magnanimous, as proposed by St. Claudin Thevenet, the founder of the Jesus and Mary Religious Order which runs St.Bede's College .May the Lord be your partner in the great enterprise of building up your life!

I would like to pray that we all excel in such virtues. May all your days here in 'the home away from home' be filled with joy and peace.


  • To provide residential facilities for sudents coming from the outskirts of Shimla giving them opportunities for higher education.
  • To include skills in leadership, sociablility, group living and team spirit through planned hostel activities.
  • To foster personal growth-intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual not only through the guidance and instruction but also through the atmosphere that prevails on the campus.
  • To lead the students to identify themselves with the weaker sections of the society especially the women and children of the neighborhood, led by our motto "NOT FOR OUR SELVES ALONE".





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