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Daily Activities

SNEvent DateEvent NameDescription
1 06-Jul-2021 Inter-departmental Activity Department of Computer Science organised a seminar for BBA IV BCA IInd, IVth and VIth Semester on “Utility of MS-Access” at 11:00 AM. Ms. Shivalika Raj of BCA VIth semester demonstrated practical implementation of Ms-Access.
2 30-Jun-2021 Webinar for students Department of Computer Science organised a Webinar on “Digitization during Covid-19 Pandemic: w.r.t. Cybersecurity” at 11:00 AM. Dr. Naveen Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science , Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.
3 21-Jun-2021 International Yoga Day Carrying the spirit of Yoga within and to bring the session to life a virtual live session of Yoga was conducted by 7HP (I) Coy, NCC Shimla and 1HP Naval Unit, NCC Bilaspur in collaboration with the Health Club of St. Bede’s College knowing that it will benefit the community.The session was conducted by Ms. Parul Chauhan, a skilled yoga practitioner who shares zeal to spread positivity in the world through yoga.
4 20-Jun-2021 Pre-International Yoga Day Celebration (15th-20th June 2021) Various competitions showcasing different forms of Pranayama, poster making, jingle making and an open quiz were conducted by the NCC unit, St. Bede’s College before the celebration of INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA. The theme for the same was "BE WITH YOGA, BE AT HOME".
5 18-Jun-2021 Workshop on Covid -19 Pandemic A workshop on ‘Psychological Support for Covid Pandemic Condition’ was organized in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education(MGNCRE),Government of India
6 05-Jun-2021 Online Guest Lecture on World Environment Day. A online guest lecture (on MS Teams) was organized on the occasion of world environment day by the Department of Botany. Resource person Dr. Vaneet Jishtu, Scientist, Himalayan Forest Research Institute, Shimla delivered his views through presentation entitled “Ecosystem and their restoration: A frantic push to reverse the decline of our natural world”’. A total of 130 participants including students and faculty members attended the lecture.
7 05-Jun-2021 Student activities on World Environment Day Students of M.Sc Botany 2nd and 4th Sem. celebrated World Environment Day by performing various activities. All the students of M.Sc 4th Sem. planted various species of fruit yielding, timber yielding and ornamental plants at their homes. Students of M.Sc 2nd Sem. participated in tree plantation, garbage collection and disposal and utilization of waste material at their home.
8 05-Jun-2021 Participation in Online Quiz. Students of B.Sc II, B.Sc III (Medical) and M.Sc IInd Sem. participated in Online Inter-college Environment Quiz competition organized by Department of Botany, RKMV, Shimla. Students secured various position in the quiz competition.
9 05-Jun-2021 World Environment Day The NCC unit in collaboration with Environment Awareness Cell organized various competitions on the account of " WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY". The theme for the day was " KHAKHI AND PRAKRITI". A poster making and poem writing competition was organised virtually based on the same theme.
10 28-May-2021 Webinar attended by faculty and students The faculty and students of the Department of Psychology attended a Webinar on the topic 'C.G. Jung’s Psychology and The Upanishadic wisdom: From ‘Individuation’ towards ‘Ātmanization’ by Dr Noa Schwartz Feuerstein. The Webinar was organized by the IIAS, Shimla on the 28th May, 2021 from 3 to 5.30 pm
11 22-May-2021 Webinar attended by Students All the students of M.Sc IInd Sem and M.Sc IVth Sem attended a Webinar on “International Day for Biological Diversity” organized by Department of Biology, Agriculture and IQAC, D.A.V College, Hoshiarpur. Resource person Dr. Anil Thakur delivered his thoughts on the topic “Plant Diversity and Human Health” and our students were introduced to many important medicinal plants and their health benefits.
12 14-Apr-2021 Himachali Cuisine Day EBSB club of St. Bede's College collaborate with Christ College( Autonomous) Thrissur Kerala on the eve of Himachal Day on Himachali Cuisine
13 31-Mar-2021 Lecture on Vermicomposting A lecture was delivered by Dr. Shweta Thakur, Deptarment of Zoology, St. Bede’s College on “Vermicomposting and Its Techniques” to the students of B.Sc IInd year (SEC).
14 09-Mar-2021 Assembly An assembly was conducted to spread awareness on gender equality and realising women rights.
15 27-Feb-2021 Online lecture on National Science Day A talk was delivered by Dr. Natasha Saini, Enterpreneur, (Ph.D., Specialization: Bamboo) on the topic: “Bamboo- The green gold of India”. Students were made aware about various species and features of Bamboos and also about ecological status of Bamboo and its conservation. A total of 100 students (Medical and Non Medical) attended the online talk organised on Google meet.
16 15-Feb-2021 Six-days online workshop entitled *‘Spreadsheets: A Tool for Developing Mathematical & Computational Skills among UG Science Students'* Event description: Department of Physics organized six-day online workshop for the science students. Prof. P.K.Ahluwalia. Former Professor of Physics, Himachal Pradesh University, Dr. Sarmistha Sahu Associate Professor (Retd.), Department of Physics, Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, Science Post, Bangalore and Dr. Sapna Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, St. Bede’s College Shimla were the resource persons.
17 29-Oct-2020 Interdepartmental activity Department of Political Science & Economics organised interdepartmental activity .The theme for the activity was "Political Economy and Economic Reforms of 1990's"
18 28-Oct-2020 Career Awareness, Counselling and its Making by NEST. Mr. Anupam Vohra founder NEST(Nurturing their Skills, Talent and Education) conducted a webinar on the career awareness “CAREER IS BY CHOICE, NOT BY CHANCE" for the students.
19 23-Oct-2020 Webinar on “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills” by Dr. Shama Hussain, Chairman, Muscat Head, National Institute of Skills Training. Department of Commerce and Management in collaboration with NEST(founder Mr. Anupam Vohra) organised a webinar for the commerce, Management and Psychology students on the topic “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills”.
20 16-Oct-2020 World Food Day Celebration A Poster making and Collage making Competition was organized on World Food Day by Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology . On this occasion, a lecture was also delivered by Dr. Ankit Goyal, Asstt. Professor, MIDFT, Mehsana (Gujarat) on the topic “Micro and nano-encapsulation of bioactive components”.
21 14-Oct-2020 Cultural Exchange (Folk Songs, Dances, Instrumental Music, Popular Local Music forms) under EBSB Mr. Manu Mahajan, EBSB Coordinator has given a power point presentation on the folk songs and instruments of our counterpart Kerala under EBSB.
22 13-Oct-2020 International Day For Disaster Risk Reduction Painting competition was organized to celebrate International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on 13th October 2020. The theme for painting competition was ‘Disaster Risk Governance”.
23 11-Oct-2020 Celebration of ‘International Day of the Girl Child' The Women Cell organised a poster making and slogan writing competition.The theme for the competitions was“My voice, our equal future”.
24 06-Oct-2020 Literary Meet St Xavier's College for Women Aluva, Kerela and St. Bede's College Shimla, Himachal Pradesh converged to muse over the writers of their rich literary tradition. This interaction introduced the regional literature and ensured cultural exchange.
25 01-Oct-2020 Health Literacy Month Zoology Department celebrated Health Literacy Month from October 1- October 31, 2020. Various activities like awareness campaigns, poster making competition and YOU TUBE videos were planned by the zoology students so as to impart literacy on health related issues. All these activities were carried out by the students from their home itself. The students worked meticulously on Personal health literacy and organizational health literacy.
26 21-Sep-2020 Webinar on National Education Policy-Higher Education Department of Computer Science organized a webinar for the faculty members of the college. Resource person was Father Joseph Xavier from St. Joseph's Institute of Management, Trichy.
27 11-Sep-2020 Webinar on Career opportunities in Tally and benefits of Tally Certification. Webinar was organized for the students of B.Com , BBA, and BCA jointly by department of Computer Science and department of Commerce and Management in collaboration with Tally Education private Ltd, Bangaluru and Sai Digitech Professional Institute, Shimla.
28 09-Sep-2020 Orientation Programme Online orientation programme for first year students was organized.
29 27-Aug-2020 Session on Virtual Education Training through Microsoft Teams Online Session was organized for the faculty of the college by Department of Computer Science.
30 26-Aug-2020 Virtual Meeting and presentation of EBSB Club. Faculty and students of St. Xavier College and St.Bede's College had an online meeting to discuss the future agendas of the EBSB club.
31 15-Aug-2020 Independence day Independence day was organized in the college.
32 15-Aug-2020 Tree Plantation Tree Plantation was organised in the college by the NSS unit.
33 04-Aug-2020 Faculty Development Program Two days Faculty Development Program on Online Teaching Tools on August 4-5, 2020 was organized Department of Computer Science. The resource person was Dr. Nikhil Kumar Rajput, Assistant Professor, department of Computer Science, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi, Delhi.
34 03-Mar-2020 PTA Meeting A PTA Meeting was held in the Principal’s office.
35 29-Feb-2020 Power Walk The walk started at The Ridge at 7 pm and culminated at the lift at 8 pm. The idea was to send the message that women just like men can access public places irrespective of the time and place and can walk with dignity in a safe society.
36 28-Feb-2020 National Science Day Presentations were shown, collage making was organised and a skit was staged.
37 27-Feb-2020 Kiran Kurwade from Chitkara University visited St. Bede's College He gave students the required information for them to face interviews and group discussions.
38 20-Feb-2020 A lecture and rally on Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting A lecture on Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting was presented by the cadets of 1 HP Nava l Unit NCC Bilaspur at St. Bede’s College, Shimla. The theme of the presentation was "Save water and it will save us".
39 16-Dec-2019 Christmas Celebration Christmas was celebrated in College well before the 25th as the classes end on the 21st. The function was graced by the presence of Sister Marina and Principal Dr. Nandini Pathania.
40 12-Dec-2019 Mock Drill Disaster Management Cell President Mrs. Anupama Tandon Tomar and other members of the cell organised Disaster Preparedness & Training session.
41 11-Dec-2019 NSS Camp The students and teachers gathered to celebrate the opening of NSS camp begins with blood donation on the first day in College.
42 06-Dec-2019 Drug Abuse An informative speech and presentation on Drug Abuse by Mr. Apoorv Devgan from ADC of Shimla.
43 06-Dec-2019 NCC Day NCC Day was celebrated and a drill was conducted by the cadets. The commander of the drill was Cadet Pallavi Sharma.
44 04-Dec-2019 National Conference A national conference on Culture, Language and Literature was organized in College with ELTAI Shimla.
45 02-Dec-2019 Ship Canteen The students of Ship Vikrant of College, organized a Ship Canteen, where delicious food items like Chowmein, Burger Pizza, Papdi Chaat, Cakes, Soups and Shakes, etc. were arranged by the students.
46 01-Dec-2019 World AIDS Day College students participate in the World AIDS Day event at Peterhoff. A dance and a skit was performed in Peterhoff by the students.
47 30-Nov-2019 Heritage Walk Heritage Club, Miraasa, organised a Heritage Walk from Navbahar Chowk to Viceregal Lodge. 50 students were accompanied by Punam Ma'am, Piyush Sir, and Minnie Ma'am.
48 30-Nov-2019 Guest Lecture Department of Computer Science organised a guest lecture for BCA students by Dr. Pratiyush Guleria on Project Development.
49 28-Nov-2019 Book Talk A book talk was organised in the library of st bedes college. The chief guest was prof. Mita biswas.
50 25-Nov-2019 National Milk Day National Milk Day was celebrated in College to honour the Father of White Revolution- Dr. Verghese Kurien.
51 21-Nov-2019 Poster Making Poster making on Clean India of my dreams.
52 14-Nov-2019 Children Day 2019 On the occasion of Children’s Day, i.e. 14th November, 2019, the staff members of St. Bede’s College organised a short function for the students in the Basketball Court of the College. The function began with a friendly basketball match between the teachers and students. The match was engrossing and kept the audience engaged and interested. Later, there was a game of musical arms and the teachers distributed sweets amongst the students. Overall, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.
53 10-Oct-2019 World Mental Health Day The Psychology Department of St. Bede’s College, Shimla conducted a special assembly on the occasion of World Mental Health Day.
54 03-Oct-2019 Session on Drug abuse An awareness session on drug abuse by Mrs.Jyoti Sharma Bhardwaj from NGO Gunjan and Ms. Anju Kumari and Mr. D.K. Mehta from District Institute of Education and Training was conducted in the college.
55 01-Oct-2019 CPRI Visit Students of BSc.III (MEDICAL and NON MEDICAL) visited the CPRI Shimla.
56 30-Sep-2019 Ship Canteen Ship canteen by ship Vikas was organised in the college.
57 26-Sep-2019 Nukkad natak and quiz on Swachhta The NCC Unit of 1 HP Naval Unit , Bilaspur inaugurated a Swachhta Pakhwada in the College. Nukkad Natak and quiz competition was conducted on Swachhta Abhiyaan in the auditorium.
58 24-Sep-2019 NSS Day Celebration NSS day was celebrated in the college.
59 21-Sep-2019 Parent Teacher Meeting A Parent Teacher Meeting was held in the college.
60 21-Sep-2019 Library Orientation Librarian Anjali Wadhawan organized orientation programme for freshers from 16th to 21st Sept. 2019.
61 20-Sep-2019 Presentation on future technology trends Students of BCA 5th Semester gave presentation on future IT Trends for the students of GSSS Chotta Shimla.
62 19-Sep-2019 Role of Meditation and Relaxation in Management of Stress The Department of Psychology organised one activity on "Role of Meditation and Relaxation in Management of Stress". The students of Psychology honors as well as pass course of all the three years participated in the activity. This activity was particularly relevant for the students of 5th semester pass (Skill Enhancement Course) for Managing Stress and 2nd year Honors for Stress Management courses.
63 09-Sep-2019 Exercise Fitness Program The Health Club organized a session on Exercise Fitness Program.
64 05-Sep-2019 Teachers Day Teachers Day was celebrated in the college.
65 04-Sep-2019 The feast of blessed Dina Belange The feast of blessed Dina Belanger was observed in the college.
66 03-Sep-2019 Workshop on start-up programmes Placement cell organised a workshop on start-up programmes and entrepreneur development conducted by Mr. Hansraj Sharma, Director of Industries, Himachal Pradesh accompanied by Mr. Rajeshwar Thakur, GM,Department of Industries and Deepika Khatri, DY ,Department of Industries.
67 02-Sep-2019 Nukkad Natak Community Outreach Cell performed a nukkad natak in Bangla Colony school, Sanjauli.
68 31-Aug-2019 Guest Lecture on Intellectual Property Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology organized a guest lecture on Intellectual Property Rights by Dr. Shweta Sen Thalwal, Founder and Head, Integrum IP.
69 30-Aug-2019 Vidhan Sabha Visit The students of department of political science visited Vidhan Sabha to attend the ongoing monsoon session.
70 30-Aug-2019 Ship Canteen INS CHIRAG organized Canteen in the college.
71 29-Aug-2019 Poster making and essay writing competition The Red Ribbon Club organized a poster making and essay writing competition for the Youth Week on Myths and Facts of HIV/AIDS.
72 29-Aug-2019 Live telecast of the launching of Fit India Campaign NSS unit organized the live telecast of the launching of Fit India Campaign in the college auditorium.
73 24-Aug-2019 Nukkad Natak A nukkad natak was presented by the students to spread the message of keeping our country clean.
74 23-Aug-2019 Tree plantation drive The NSS Unit and the Environment Cell in collaboration with the Forest Department, Shimla organized a tree plantation drive in the college campus.
75 21-Aug-2019 Translation Practices and Theories A workshop on Translation Practices and Theories was orgasnised by the Department of English.
76 17-Aug-2019 Group Seminar Sem V Psychology Honours students conducted a Group Seminar on the topic Coping with Stress.
77 15-Aug-2019 Independence day Independence day was observed in the college.
78 14-Aug-2019 Swachh Bharat Rally The NSS society organized a Swachh Bharat Rally at the streets of Shimla.
79 13-Aug-2019 Debate Competition A debate competition was organised by the political science department under Electoral literacy club.
80 13-Aug-2019 Presentation on Early Detection of Breast Cancer The Health Club of the college organized a presentation on Early Detection of Breast Cancer by Dr.Vikas Fotedar, MBBS,MD , Assistant professor, Department of Radiation and Member of Tumor Board IGMC Shimla.
81 10-Aug-2019 Students of the College participated in a national seminar College Students of participated in a National Seminar on Human Rights: Issues and Challenges organized by the University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS).
82 06-Aug-2019 The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Memorial Day The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Memorial Day was observed on 6 August 2019 to mark the tragedy of the disastrous bombing in 1945.
83 01-Aug-2019 Investiture Ceremony Investiture Ceremony was celebrated in the college auditorium.The chief guest for the function was Mr. Srikant Baldi, additional chief secretary to the CM.
84 31-Jul-2019 Feast of Mother Claudine Thevenet Feast of Mother Claudine Thevenet celebrated in the college auditorium.
85 23-Jul-2019 Inaugural Mass An inaugural mass was conducted by Father Anil Sequiera,Principal St. Edwards School,Shimla in the College.
86 22-Jul-2019 Van Mahotsava week celebrated NSS unit of the college participated in Van Mahotsava week celebrated by H.P.Government.
87 15-Jul-2019 A seminar on Anti Ragging and Drug Abuse A seminar on Anti Ragging and Drug Abuse was organised by Ms.Shubra Tewari Hira, SP CID, Shimla.
88 04-Jul-2019 A Seminar on Managing Stress A seminar on Managing Stres was organized for the students and faculty of the Psychology Department by Mrs Aruti Nayar.
89 04-Jul-2019 Guest Lecture Guest Lecture was organized for the students by Prof. Rana Nayyar from Punjab University.
90 03-Jul-2019 Freshers Orientation Freshers Orientation was held in the college.
91 03-Jul-2019 Cleanliness Drive Cleanliness Drive was organised by NSS unit in the college.
92 24-Jun-2019 A Farewell get together A Farewell get together was organized Dr. Devinder Bindra, Department of English and Mr. Vishal, Department of Dance.
93 21-Jun-2019 International Yoga Day International Yoga Day was organized by the NSS unit of the College.
94 02-Apr-2019 Guest Lecture Guest Lecture was organized on the topic Internet Technology and Future Networking for the students of BCA on April 2,2019 in the seminar room. Prof. Jawahar Thakur, Department of Computer Science, HPU Shimla was the resource person.
95 11-Mar-2019 Annual Prize Distribution function Annual Prize Distribution function was organized.
96 11-Mar-2019 Office Laying Down ceremony The function started with the Office Laying Down ceremony which marks the successful completion of the tenure of the Student Council. The Chief guest, Dr. (Sr.) Marina, Manager of the College and the Principal Dr. (Sr.) Beena John gave away the prizes to around 200 students who excelled in academics as well as 100 prizes for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year.
97 09-Mar-2019 Faculty Development Programme on Education Trends Vision 2030 A Faculty Development Programme on Education Trends Vision 2030 was organized. The Resource person was Professor Mike Ivan of of the University of the Fraser Valley, Canada.
98 07-Mar-2019 Graduation Day-2019 The Bedeian Hues was organized on March 7, 2019 to bid farewell to the undergraduate students of Sixth Semester and the Post-graduate students at St. Bede’s College, Shimla. The Chief Guest for the function was Dr. Purnima Chauhan, Secretary, Language Art & Culture, Government of Himachal Pradesh.